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stuck in relaxed mode

[Post New]by rosecity on Jan 19, 15 4:24 AM
I have found a few posts of others in the same situation as me - went to relaxed mode for one level, expecting that I could change back to the timed mode and find I cannot??? - there are no answers on the posts except to uninstall or start again - I was up to level 51 and would not want to start again.

also why are all the forum posts on Hello Venice locked with no way to add my comment to them?

looked at the help page but there was no answer to my question??? thanks

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Re:stuck in relaxed mode

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Jan 19, 15 2:37 PM
Hey rosecity

I completely understand wanting to change back to timed mode! It does look like uninstalling and reinstalling the game can help, and luckily, since the game's save data is stored in a separate location from the installation files, this shouldn't affect your saved progress.

If you'd like to give this a shot, I've included the help article below, just in case steps are needed:

Uninstall and Reinstall a Game

If there's any trouble with getting the game out of timed mode, even after uninstalling and reinstalling, please contact Customer Support HERE, and one of our Reps will be happy to help out.

In regards to the locked threads in the forum, I really want to apologize for this inconvenience. A change was made recently to the forum system that automatically locks threads that have been inactive for 180 days or more. This change was made to help improve stability and performance of the system. 

If you’d like to start a new thread on the same topic, you’re definitely more than welcome to do so! We definitely want you all to continue discussing the game
In addition to this, if you’d like to reference the older thread so others can find the older posts, you can definitely copy and paste the URL into your post. Please keep in mind, however, that in keeping with the Forum Rules, only links from the Big Fish website can be included in a post.
I hope this information helps, but if there are any questions, please feel free to PM one of the Mods!

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