TIPS: Level 20 Boss: Goblin Wizard

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megs56 wrote:Hello, Frogdice I absolutely love this game. Thank you for taking the time to make a multi-level interesting game to keep players coming back. I can't stop playing and I just love everything I find out about it. However...I'm up to level 20, I think. I'm trying to beat the Wizard and I just cannot do it. I've tried hitting him with nets, knives, exploding pills and dummies, and I've tried having a few nurses on hand to maintain health, but he does me in each time. Please help!

1) Healer
2) High Priest (if you have it), Lead Scout (if you have it), or Stoner

1) BURY (tier 3 earth) this destroys a specific row of runes. You can use this right after the wizard teleports, line it up, and hit him with a TON of magic bolts.

2) INFERNO (tier 3 fire): with cascades will generally send out a ton of elemental death to all your foes.

3) FLASHBURN (tier 2 fire): similar to INFERO

4) IGNITE (tier 1 fire): after the wizard teleports, line this up with the wizard and use it to blast him with a few definite hits.

5) BURST (tier 1 water): use this to make big combos, particularly lined up where the wizard is

6) HEALING SPRINGS (tier 2 water): heals your tower a bit

Daggers, swords, and bombs can all be used directly on the Goblin Wizard

Blockades and dummies can absorb some of the Wizard's bolts

1) As with almost all boards: MATCH FAST! The faster you match the more elemental bolts you send out, the better.

2) Your elemental bolts can cancel out the Wizard's blasts, so that's good defense.

3) If you have matches that line up with the Wizard, use them to get direct hits. Otherwise, try to make matches in the lower third of the board so you get a lot of cascade matches.

4) Do a lower level board first to get all your spells charged up to max. That way you start the boss level with fully recharged spells.


If anyone else has favorite spell combos or strategies, please share them!

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