game-- the unicorn killer

[Post New]by laydback333 on May 18, 09 9:44 PM
i cannot believe someone is doing a game after this murderer. who profits from this game. this scumbag killed his girlfriend then goes on the lam for 20 plus years, yeah, lets make a game and make him rich in prison, IT IS WRONG, WRONG JUST PLAIN WRONG.. I cannot believe Big Fish is associated with this trash


Re:game-- the unicorn killer

[Post New]by carsinmotion on May 18, 09 9:52 PM
I'm sure the guy is not making money in prison..

I mean, TruLife and Crime TV (or whatever they're called) make shows about murderers all the time. They don't pay the murderers.

It's just a video game... It's not a sexual fetish or a museum in his "honor" or something.

If you think its wrong then don't buy it.

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Re:game-- the unicorn killer

[Post New]by govegril on May 18, 09 10:18 PM
Hi ladyback

I can assure you that this guy makes no money from this. The victims family took out a law suit and won ensuring he does not make any money from his crime, and if he attempted to he is forced legally to give them the money.

It was ruled under Son of Sam law.

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Re:game-- the unicorn killer

[Post New]by bfgCelebes on May 19, 09 11:13 AM
Hi all,

Just letting you know that I've gone ahead and moved this to the official Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer forums.

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Re:game-- the unicorn killer

[Post New]by yourshannygirl on Dec 3, 09 11:50 AM
This game is just like a murder mystery novel in HOG form, that's all. It's not a tribute to the criminal.

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