Why oh why not 3 stars and... using lives when wanting to improve???

[Post New]by cathiecaffey on Jan 20, 15 12:53 PM
A few questions for this game..

1. Why don't you get 3 stars when you make a perfect hand. There's no notification about timing if that is affecting your score, nor anything else to show what the timing is, so if that's part of the 3rd star for the perfect game, then it shouldn't be. Or is it something else that won't give you three stars when making a perfect hand??!

2. I can understand using a life (heart) when you don't make finish the game with 3 cards or less (or whatever it is), But when wanting to improve our hand, why does it use a life for replaying the hand?!?!

I have many of these card games with the up and down cards from BFG (love BFG!!) and so love playing them! I buy everyone pretty much that comes out! I've played to make a perfect hand throughout a full game and had to play the hand sometimes 20 times til I got it! but never a limit.

We these 2 things happening, it seems to take the fun away of the game for me. Which is odd because I love this kind of solitaire. Maybe the developers can look into this?

Also, I bought the original game, The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire, on Android, There was on the game, saying to leave a review and if enough reviews, there will be a second Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire. I hope this isn't it. Can the developers update us on this.

I'm considering just deleting the game, since I can only play a few hands then have to leave to earn hearts (lives) again and it's taken the fun away from this with these above rules. (

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Re:Why oh why not 3 stars and... using lives when wanting to improve???

[Post New]by Valdy on Jan 20, 15 6:55 PM
The perfect hand allows you to get the heart back that was taken when you start a level.

The longer your combos, the more stars you get. You only get stars for making long combos.

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