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Level 9

[Post New]by mcmar12 on Jan 20, 15 2:16 PM
I read the other discussions on getting enough supplies, but I run short of gold or wood. I looked for the booster in inventory--went to the hat, got the figure. But no where did it give me an option of increasing any supplies. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any help.


Re:Level 9

[Post New]by catabria on Jan 24, 15 5:39 AM
I got more wood by restoring the saw mill before I went to the carpenter.I however am having the same problem as you with running out of gold and Iron.


Re:Level 9

[Post New]by jpjacobs3 on Jan 26, 15 12:18 PM
Here is how I passed it. I didn't level up the tent until later. I first went to the bakery, to get food going. Then I went towards market. I got the gold I needed to upgrade market, one by elevator and one by Broken Down Manor. You will gather enough wood to upgrade the market and start stocking up on supplies from the market, while you start clearing the way to the sawmill. Get the sawmill going to collect wood. Collect enough wood to upgrade the tent and the elevator. Clear the way to the Carpenter. In this time you should have gotten stocked up on the supplies you need for the mansion. Talk to the Carpenter, gather wood to craft 2 chairs. Go up the elevator and clear road. Go into inventory, go to Joinery at the top. Craft 2 chairs. Upgrade Mansion and you're done!

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