the musketeers

[Post New]by pillowtalktalk on Jan 22, 15 10:09 AM
Bonjour. Je bloque au niveau 10. Help !!!

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[Post New]by cielle1 on Jan 23, 15 6:11 AM
Please check this thread
here you can find the solution

Re:Level 10
by AkariNBG on Jan 18, 15 8:36 AM
Hi to all!
I found a solution. You need to wear the bag booster (it gives +1 stone). You can find it in the invenorty on the character tab. And do not build the sawmill until you build iron mine.

Re:Level 10
by slm2 on January 18, 8:41 AM
I built both bakeries, then got second worker, then built iron mine. Did not build sawmill until thru the gate to get extra stone. Used running bonus constantly, just made gold. You must run like crazy and collect all resources from buildings or you'll be short. Good luck!

Re:Level 10
by Yknott77 on January 18, 8:39 AM
I restarted this level over and over and finally got it. Do not touch the pits by the sawmill until to get through to the right side. You have to work your way up to the first bakery, work your way down, build the iron builder, second bakery and entry to the right side. Hope this helps.


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[Post New]by Margyw on Jan 23, 15 8:26 PM
I also am stuck at level 10, because of lack of stone. After reading through the forum posts about this problem, I checked my inventory, But have no character tab. Where do I find the bag with the stone? thanks for any help you can give me.
I have found the character tab, and clicked on the bag to go into the square on the musketeer silhouette, but I still can't use the stone, and I am still short of stone, even with that one extra. very frustrating!!!!!

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Re:the musketeers

[Post New]by marebito on Jan 23, 15 8:44 PM
Ninja'd LOL Leaving the first part of my answer up. ^^;

From Inventory, click on the Blue Hat symbol on the left side. That opens your character screen. From there click on the shoulder bag and click on the highlighted box (on the right). You can tell which booster you have active by hovering over the resource as it'll show a (for ex.) "+1 stone". Good luck and have fun!

As for the lack of stone, IIRC, make sure you get into the castle before touching any part of the route to the sawmill. You need access to the stone supplies in the castle to do the sawmill part of the path. (Will double check but I'm pretty sure sim2's comment above is essentially how I went about things.)

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