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New York. Brooklyn Brigde

[Post New]by zykta on Jan 24, 15 5:10 PM
I have built the bridge but no levels seem to follow ? Not sure were I go next ? Thanks

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Re:New York. Brooklyn Brigde

[Post New]by bfgLianorm on Jan 27, 15 1:34 PM
Hi zykta

I'm sorry that the next set of levels in New York haven't shown up yet after building the Brooklyn Bridge.

Like you, we have had other users post a similar issue here in the Forums. Since we want to try and keep everything together, I've gone ahead and locked this post and included a link to the other post.

New York Level 130 and the Brooklyn Bridge

To help you get those next levels though, you'll want to be sure that you've helped the local collect enough money for cab fare, so you'll want to replay level 120 - 130 and collect all of the dollars before moving on.

Hope this helps

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