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Need help finding some new games, similar to this series

[Post New]by wencassi on Jan 24, 15 11:24 PM
I love Adventure and Large File Games, especially when you are solving a crime or mystery. I do not like straight HOG's and could use some advice on any games that I can play the detective and do an investigation. I have all of the CSI games, Art of Murder, James Patterson's Women's Murder Club and these are the types of games i love playing. I don't mind a few HO scenes or puzzles but I do not want to play an Adventure game that is basically just a HOG with a storyline. I do love the MCF series and have some Nancy Drew games and Syberia but looking for something new to play. I recently finished Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One and True Fear: Forsaken Souls and loved them, amazing games! If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks much!!

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Re:Need help finding some new games, similar to this series

[Post New]by CHCGAMER on Jul 21, 15 1:19 PM
Hi wencassi, Have you ever tried either of the Chronicles of Mystery games? The first game is called The Scorpio Ritual. The heroine is Sylvie Leroux , an archeologist who goes searching for her father and discovers a secret finding that has enormous power to ruin the world. No hidden object scenes, just full on adventures and interactive scenes. I loved it!!
The second game in this series is The Tree of Life. More amazing &
much longer & filled with more adventure, travel, & danger. Sylvie Leroux agains
helps solve an amazing tale of finding the fountain of youth. Again no hidden object
scenes but many harrowing events where she is in immediate danger by evil people
who try to prevent her discovery.
Both of these game are put out by City Interactive who created Art of
Murder & both are terrific adventure games. I hope this has been helpful for you!
Have fun. I think I'll try to find a few of the games you mentioned also.

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