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What am I doing wrong?

[Post New]by arnold1049 on Jan 24, 15 11:48 PM
I have been playing this game for hours and hours over several days and I feel like I'm stuck in a loop. I can't seem to make any forward progress. It appears that I have at least 2 more buildings to create and a few more to upgrade, specifically the temple and the hunter's lodge. I also have not obtained the use of the ring and telescope powerups nor the 3rd gnome. I think I am playing without the timer, although I see the timer count down, but I can still keep on playing even after the timer runs out.

When I look at my milestones, I have gotten way more materials than the limit, have used all the pearls except for one red one, and have only made 5 out of 10 "perfect" games, whatever that is. What, exactly, is a perfect game? And there is mention made of various levels, but I don't see any explanation of what the levels are, how you move from one level to another or how you know which level you are on or what you need to do to progress. Even though there is a lot of information on how to play the game, there also seems to be a lot of information missing. For instance, the help says that periodically, you will be given the opportunity to purchase and upgrade buildings. So far, I have found no rhyme or reason as to when this happens.

It also took me awhile to figure out how to purchase the powerups, at least the 3 that I have available so far, the boat, the necklace and the skull. The only time that I can hit "shop" and have money available is right at the end of a game when the screen is rolling up. Otherwise, if you don't catch it then and wait until a new board has been displayed, you will find out you have no money available to buy anything.

So, what am I missing? I like this game a lot, but I'm getting a little frustrated playing the same board over and over and getting nowhere. Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. I figured out what a perfect game is. It is when you finish the board before any of the 3 stars at the bottom disappear. Very hard to do. I am now up to 6 out of 10 required perfect games and I have played over 140 games. Does that tell me I'm not very good at this? LOL

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Re:What am I doing wrong?

[Post New]by Samurai6 on Jan 30, 15 12:16 PM
Im stuck myself friend. Been playing for days and cant seem to buy the ramining buildings.


Re:What am I doing wrong?

[Post New]by LavenderLion on Feb 1, 15 12:53 PM
A perfect game is completing with three stars which has to do with the timer. You may need the perfect starts milestone for some buildings. Look under the materials requirements to see what milestones are needed for a building.

Sometimes you need to have used certain powerups or gnomes a number of times.

Good luck!

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Re:What am I doing wrong?

[Post New]by Ferretjenny on Jul 14, 15 5:14 AM
Try to get 3 stars on all the buildings. Go into the menu (Millestone) here you can see what you need if you put mouse cursor on each bonus.

Good luck

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