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Five Hammers

[Post New]by narquailan on May 21, 09 12:56 PM
I'm stuck at some ruins where there are no instructions, no hints, no nothing. I figured out that I need 5 hammers to break a wall, but I can only find (4) four and none of those will do anything else but chip away at the wall. Therefore, I am good and stuck! Does anyone know where that other hammer is hiding? Or am I missing something else?? Sure could use the help. If anyone has a solution, would you mind emailing it to narquailan @ Thanks!

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Five Hammers

[Post New]by sllj on Oct 10, 10 10:12 AM
The 5th hammer is on the right side of the arch. There are two blocks that are tipped in. The hammer is on top of these two blocks.

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