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level 18

[Post New]by Copeland on Jan 26, 15 7:48 AM
Can anyone tell me how to get to the cave you need to clear out? I run out of rocks and I don't have enough to fix all of the holes in the road to get to the cave. I have tried every way I could think of to go , but I can't seem to get there. Please help if you can!!


Re:level 18

[Post New]by jpjacobs3 on Jan 26, 15 11:38 AM
I see you don't have an answer yet, I play for fun and at relaxed mode. I have beat the game and have a couple of suggestions for you. I had to re-play that level to answer your questions. First you want to go to your inventory. Click on the blue hat on the left hand side. Make sure you have the Shoulder Bag on. (It provides one additional stone when removing a stone barrier.) Then start the game. First get fish barrel free, so you have food. Then make sure to do the Craftsman's House next. He gets all the square keys and opens the doors. Good Luck!

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