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The "Lurking Fear" level - never enough wood!

[Post New]by poidog on Jan 26, 15 7:32 PM
Please, people. You must be much more intelligent than I: I can't find a way to get through this level with enough wood. Is there a trick to get a those big stands of trees when the woodcutter building won't go? Any help would be most appreciated.

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The "Lurking Fear" level - never enough wood!

[Post New]by winnerkooties on Jan 29, 15 4:26 PM
First of all, you need to play that location in the non-timed mode so you can figure stuff out. The game is badly rigged against having enough wood, unless you learn some tricks.

In the first location, get a garden going and a farm as soon as you can. In the second location, as soon as I can I put two woodcutters in that upper tree area, and one on the small right area. You just gotta keep checking to see when a second woodcutter will fit. Also get your cobbler shop and workshop going in that second level. Do the normal things like get sawmills going and the granite mine and put enough workers in the areas.

In the second area I also get a farm going in the top part. The more food you can generate the more you can barter with the trader in the first area and that is one of the tricks. He gives you logs of wood in exchange for sacks of flour which the farms yield. That's why you need to get two farms going. That trader is located behind the watchtower after you get across the bridge in the first section.

Another tip is to destroy all buildings that are not completely necessary when you leave the second area. Destroy the woodcutters, excess sawmills, excess bakeries, etc. Destroy everything you can before you leave the area for good and that will generate some wood.

After you get across the bridge in the first area and get the watchtower going, trade with the trader and clean up the cave area, when you go to the area below where the quarry is, I get two quarries going and one stonecutter. That's another tip, when you need to get an area worked fast, if there is room put two quarries, or two woodcutters, or two whatever to get it done faster. (Don't forget a warehouse and workers house there.) Destroy a quarry when you have plenty of stone so you can put a sawmill there.

Put as many workers as you can along the way as you advance.
When you get to that final tree area, get it going and level it up as fast as you can. And if you need more wood, you can always go back to the trader to get more, so keep your farms efficient and running. And you can always resort to destroying buildings, especially if they are low in efficiency.

Those are some tips. I just played that level in Normal mode and had plenty of time left over because I used these tips.

Hope this helps.

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