A of M: FBI - Day 2 in the Game - LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

[Post New]by moyo75 on Jan 26, 15 8:37 PM
I just bought this today and would like to give my opinion and ask for help.
Opinion: looked interesting, but way too hard. you have to print-out the walk-through and follow it step by step and then you will still get stuck. So, if your idea of playing a game is following instructions and being frustrated, then you will really like this game.
Question: on day 2, after putting idol's head in evidence and talking to Chaser, and everything else in the walk-through, I can't get the phone number from the business card found at the murder scene. It's not in the contacts on the PDA, or in the journal and I can't find a way to lay the card down on a surface to read it, so I can't call the guy and Warren's number in the PDA just gets a busy signal and Nicole says he must have his phone turned off and so I can't get out of the FBI building. What's up?

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Re:A of M: FBI - Day 2 in the Game - LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

[Post New]by CHCGAMER on Jul 8, 15 5:51 PM
When you're at the stockbroker's house & you move the chair you pick up the
business card of Brandon. It immediately goes into your phone book{the blue book
inside your PDA. When you return to the FBI building you see Ruth to get card for
evidence room. After putting golden head in evidence, you open your PDA and click
on Brandon's no. He doesn't answer so you click on Warren's no. Warren answeres,
and tells you Brandon is there with him. you arrange to see him. Then you go back
to the museum and speak first with Warren & then you go to the room on your right
and meet with Brandon. Hope I have helped moyo75.

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