New York number 4

[Post New]by Bamafan71 on Jan 28, 15 6:21 AM
Anyone have any help on gummy drop New York number 4 level 3? If I clear the bombs (which is seldom) I have no way come close to the score. I need to get that orchid to move on. Arrows don't help since the bombs are sort of hidden and lightnings are non existent. Help

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Re:New York number 4

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Jan 28, 15 9:49 AM
G'day Bamafan71,

I think for me, the key to Level 4, New York was to get into, and then work from the bottom of the screen.

One of the good things about this level is, once the paper is cleared, it doesn't reappear as aggressively as we see in some other levels, which means that blasts will become more and more effective as you get into the later turns.

Even when they can't clear many gummies, using the blasts are a good idea, especially if you can combine two of them as that will get bonus points.

Working from the bottom also means that you'll have a higher chance of combos and chain reactions on the board which will get you even closer to that goal.

I hope this helps.


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