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quest for collectible room

[Post New]by basmith12 on Jan 29, 15 10:49 AM
I have a quest for the collectible room which shows that I have 84/106. There is a difference of 22 here and I realize that I am missing some of the special collectible released during the holidays year before last as I was unable to play very much due to an emergency with my mother's health but there are not 22 of this remaining. Can anyone give me any insight in this? I have truly enjoyed this last update even with the glitches as there are so many different things of which you can choose to work on at any given time and this makes for a fun game again. (for me anyway) Thanking you in advance for any info on this and thank you all for the amazingly helpful and shared kindness in these forums which is such a help to those of us who need hand holding every now and then. Happy gaming everyone and have a very Blessed Day!
SO SORRY I just found another thread on this same issue, I am so sorry I had tried searching and reading over as much as possible before posting but my brain is so scrambled, I missed the thread completely. Sorry for the repeat question and thank you so much!

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Re:quest for collectible room

[Post New]by wulfruna on Jan 29, 15 1:58 PM
That's fine - there are so many threads and it is easy to lose track, especially as the titles of some of them are not always very clear about the content!

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