Apples for Aictoria

[Post New]by jenny_curry on Jan 30, 15 2:57 PM
I have twice expressed concerns about this level in the technical issues section. Now I am doing it where other concerned people can chime in. In the level Apples for Victoria, Victoria is an athlete and very slim in the picture but she wants to buy all of farmer Joe's apples so she can loose weight. My first concern is why does this skinny little girl need to loose weight? Anyone notice how over weight Joe's grandson Tom is? Why isn't the level Apples for Tom? It's alright for boys to be fat but girls have to be so skinny as to be unhealthy. This promotes an unhealthy body image and it is just ridiculous. Second suggesting someone loose weight by eating a lot of apples, well it will work but the weight will come off from the dehydration from the serious diarrhea the apples will cause.
I have suggested a quick and easy fix of changing the level to Victoria needing the apples for a Halloween party and a nice, wholesome game of bobbing for apples. I know I am not the only person to find this offensive. So leave your own message so it can be corrected.

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