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Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by virginiabreeze on Jan 31, 15 9:21 AM
Lately I have been receiving numerous gifts from my neighbors, only to discover when visiting the neighbor a vacant manor surrounded by empty open spaces...

There is nothing sadder than a vacant manor.

I do understand that it is hard to continue to wait for updates and I also appreciate that instead of just quitting the game, the player has decided to liquidate their assets and share with people still playing.

So since I cannot thank "Gone No Gifts," "Whynot" and the others who have given all and then left; I would like them to be remembered.

Thank you for playing

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by karatopa on Jan 31, 15 10:18 AM
yes the never ending stream of good neighbours that have gone or who are only playing occasionally is sad indeed

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by papa_pahs on Feb 1, 15 5:53 AM
I'm grateful for the folks who started playing when DM first came out. Even though many of them have moved onto other things, they left behind a priceless legacy in the discussions found in the "helpful links for dark manor" stickied thread. Those are resources I still refer to, so the gifts of knowledge live on, even if some of those players have moved on.

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by LifeforceOne on Feb 3, 15 6:33 AM
As an OG (Original Gamer) and on behalf of my many friends who were here since the beginning:

We didn't give up on DM. DM gave up on us.

Dave - LifeforceOne

7 Lifeforce Blvd

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by Theorem on Feb 3, 15 8:21 AM
Hey Dave! :-)

So true, so true...

<not an OG but not far behind>

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by tinydancer112 on Feb 3, 15 11:53 AM
Dave - LifeforceOne

So true! You are one of my neighbors on one of my mansions and also as an OG this is my take on things.

I don't think the game was thought through as they developed it. For instance originally there were something like 50 levels (or less) and in response to us clamoring for more they raised them to 99 and it takes a lot of XP to advance (500-600,000 plus). I now have 5 manors and after level 55 there really isn't a lot of incentive to advance. I think they should, about every five levels, offer an exclusive walker or silver producing attraction. Maybe even a "juju" or "XP" producing attraction. Something to work for instead of more silver (which by this point most of us don't need) or gold--we can always use gold for opening scenes, but I venture by level 90 most of us have purchased all of the for gold attractions, walkers, enigmas and ornaments we want.

Secondly there are 17 chapters right now. We have had no word lately as to whether there will be anymore although before DM was purchased by the new entity (forget who) I think a mod said that there would be more chapters. I realize that there is a lot of programming within the chapters to make everything connect, but it would be nice to have more like Sterling's Messy desk if DM is going to stop at 17--you know items that move around so that you have to look a bit for them.

There are now several games out there that have land to decorate and HO scenes to complete. To keep you interested some have puzzles to solve, bonus type HO scenes where you can earn energy etc., and little games within the main game. I don't find any of them as interesting or engaging as Dark Manor, but that said, it would be nice if DM added some activities that engaged your brain more than just pulling on a slot handle.

I also have long time neighbors who have quit playing. It makes me sad to see them gone. This week was the first week where I didn't play every day. I just can't take another Chapter 17 again. I've gone back and tried to re-engage my interest in other chapters by playing my own groupings (how many words can I cluster that begin with "S" or "C" - or how many "X" can I cluster), but they also get old fast. There are no new walkers, attractions, etc. to work towards. And although I like the astrology based figures--they are few and far in between. Since for many of us decorating is all that is left to engage us-new stuff would be nice!

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by GoldTeefs on Feb 3, 15 6:13 PM
I, too, am heartbroken.

I gave up playing months ago.

Waiting for new chapters, scavenger hunts, heck-even new stuff to BUY.

But seems like we are forgotten and unimportant.

So, yeah. I log in once in a while to see if there is anything new. And there is not.

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by drukenclam on Feb 4, 15 6:32 PM
Drunkenclam here. Pretty much an og. I'm about to uninstall mine. Game is pretty much dead. Which is sad. I loved it


Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by 54brainstormer on Feb 5, 15 1:14 AM
Maybe it´s a strategy - boring the engaged long time players out?
(what a nasty thought, tz, tz, tz)

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(both level 99 - yawn-)


Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by ninamoore on Feb 10, 15 6:39 AM
I play this game daily and find Dark Manor does not hold to what they promise. nothing new in months say free play not getting it then they try to make up buy offering some thing that some of us need that free play to move up but no not happing because Dark Manor mistake. [Removed by Moderator]. got my money now Dark Manor doesnt care about the loyalty players that have spent ALOT of money to get to level 99. I am thinking this game has become a reap-off. no reponse from dark manor nor do they give us anything new. word of mouth is the best way I know to get the word out about this game. if I am ask about this game now I do not give it the credit I use too use to tell everyone its a great game now I tell them its a reap off . THANKS FOR TAKING MY MONEY DARK MANOR BUT U WILL NEVER GET ANYMORE.YOUR GAME WAS FUN UNTIL WE SEE THE REAL REASON U WANT US TO PLAY MONEY MONEY MONEY NOT FREE NOR FUN ANYMORE

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by Ruddred on Feb 14, 15 2:12 AM
I've given up, sold everything on my land & in storage. I had loads of gold so I've spent it all on sending premium gifts to my neighbors.

I've something like 47 million coins & i'm gonna spend them! - So everyday I'm logging in to send premium gifts to my neighbors - if they want them - great.

If they don't they can at least sell them to get some coins of their own.

I'm determined not to leave any virtual cash behind, & when its all gone - games being deleted.

Oh, & if your reading this Big Fish - so is your game manager - you've lost this customer for good.

So Long & Good Luck to all that persevere, but I fear that ultimately everyone will die of boredom & leave.

Manor Name - 73 Dreary Me

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Re:Remembering The Ones Who Have Left Us - Thank You

[Post New]by ArgentFarfel on Feb 14, 15 7:41 PM
I know what you mean. I'm still checking in to see what's happening, but the fervor isn't there any more. There were some good times, lots of camaraderie, missions for Ming, and support. I miss those who helped me start.

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