Can't use the booklet on the poster

[Post New]by horsenbuggy on Feb 2, 15 3:41 AM
The walkthrough simply says, "use the booklet on the poster for a minigame." But I don't get how to do that. I'm dragging that booklet all over that poster and clicking but the booklet just goes back to my inventory and the message bar says "find the numbers" 9or something like that). I know I'm really late to this party but can someone help me? I thought the first game was kinda fun. Then for some reason, I really loved the second game as a break from all the theatrical HOPAs out there. So I couldn't wait to try the third game. I am really disappointed at how confusing this game is. I'm hitting the hint button a LOT more than I should for what feels like a kids' game.

OMG. I found it. I had to switch from Advanced to Casual mode to see that the poster was NOT the big poster with the magnifying glass. It was the little poster hanging beside that over the safe. When I changed modes, sparkles showed up in the right place. Ugh. That's a really bad design to have two "posters" right next to each other.

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