CE: Achievements - Search master

[Post New]by space_vampire on Feb 2, 15 7:25 AM
Has anyone else been having a problem getting the achievement "search master"?

I have gotten all the other achievements and I have played through the game, bonus content, and alternate ending in three different modes; casual, experienced, & master.

Is there a trick I don't know about or is this just one of the bugs I am reading so much about in other threads?

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Re:CE: Achievements - Search master

[Post New]by Zurreen on May 2, 15 11:07 PM
No, I got it right away -- after playing the main game, the bonus chapter, and the alternate ending. I played all three in the Wise Druid mode though, and then the main game in Master Detective (to get that award, of course!) In other words, I did not even have the choice of using Hints (or Skips, etc.) at all. And remember: that IS the condition of the Search Master award -- use no Hints in the HOs! So maybe you clicked on the Hint button accidentally in a HO puzzle. All it takes is just one Hint to "kill" the award, you know. Let me know what you think.

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