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Disappointed in game forum changes

[Post New]by nwl43 on Feb 2, 15 2:19 PM
I go away for a week and find disastrous changes in format. Previously I could click on 'learn more about a game' and with one more click find a very helpful forum page. Today I had to literally click 6 different times before finally finding the forum for a game I was interested in. WHY OH WHY BFG WOULD YOU GO TO A FORMAT LIKE THAT?

I've been a customer for several years and own hundreds of games. I haven't liked many of the recent changes. This just may be the last straw before cancellation of my membership.


Re:Disappointed in game forum changes

[Post New]by Persistent_Cat on Feb 2, 15 2:41 PM
Go to the game's page, look in the top right hand corner and click Get Game Tips. No need to scream at a company for updating its website.

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Re:Disappointed in game forum changes

[Post New]by LadyJane50 on May 15, 15 9:51 PM
I had the same question on that also. I love being able to look at the Game Tips on a game without having to head to the Game Forum. I finally submitted a question to customer support. The girl who contacted me couldn't find it either. She had to go to someone else for help and they told her where it was and then she relayed this info to me.

If you're ever having a problem with something or just have a general question, email customer support. They are great!

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