Flowers Story: Fairt Quest

[Post New]by arizdove35 on May 24, 09 4:14 PM
Looks like i'm the first one to write about this game. i thought it looked fun and entertaining. however, there are so many grammitcal errors that you can barely understand what is being said at times. i think a first grader wrote it and nobody edited it. dont know exactly where i am in the game but seem to be stuck. there were no instructions nor did it say what the purpose of the puzzle is. you just keep gathering flowers forever and ever and .....

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Re:Flowers Story: Fairt Quest

[Post New]by AppleAnnieSeed on Aug 26, 09 1:37 PM
The game has a finish, you just haven't reached it yet. I agree the spelling is a bit off, it's easy to tell that English isn't the first language of the deveolpers. If you're persistent then you'll reach the finish of the game, if it doesn't do as mine has and reach a point where it won't load up again. I'm well advanced into the game but now when I try to continue it throws up an error and I have to close everythng.

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