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Inappropriate image in concept art??

[Post New]by tehuti88 on Feb 3, 15 10:23 PM
I hope I'm not in the wrong posting this here, but a quick Google search brought up nothing.

I notice this was pointed out in another thread, http://forums.bigfishgames.com/posts/list/209937.page , but was not answered.

I just finished this game and browsed the concept art. And included in the images is what looks like a realistic photo of a man turned away from the viewer, lying on his side with a bottle(?) in his hand; in his back are three bloody gunshot(?) wounds. Cartoony snow and roots(?) have been added in around him.

Nowhere in the game does any image like this occur; nobody gets killed! The game is by no means violent. So I find myself quite disturbed by the inclusion of this image, especially since, as I said, it's almost photorealistic, whereas the other concept art is pretty much unfinished sketches.

Is there any sort of explanation for this image?? I feel like I'm in a creepypasta. :/

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