Sanfrancisco Level 25

[Post New]by drorwellsideshow on Feb 4, 15 3:26 AM
OK been stuck here for a few days. Seems impossible. Is there a trick to this level?

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Re:Sanfrancisco Level 25

[Post New]by bfgLianorm on Feb 4, 15 6:32 AM
Hi drorwellsideshow,

I'm sorry that this level is giving you some trouble.

One thing I noticed when playing this one though is that the board is set up almost like a grid.

To get the score that you need, you'll want to try and make as many large matches as you can. Doing this will create line boosts, bomb boosts or lightning strike boosts that can be used to gain more points.

When using those boosts, you'll want to try and hit the gummies with the extra time. This way you'll add more time on the clock so you can continue to match those gummies and get points.

Hope this helps

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