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Elven Legend

[Post New]by ZuluDawn13 on Feb 4, 15 8:43 PM
I played the Demo and Bought the Game.

The Options screen allows you to adjust, Sound, Music, Voice, Full Screen and Custom Cursor.

Game Modes are Relaxed (No Timer), Normal and Professional.

Gameplay - I needed to use the System Cursor to play in order not to feel like I was wading thru mud with the Game Cursor.

Technical Issues - I noticed that the Background or Wallpaper showing the little Roads would sometimes show the Roads and at other times on the very same levels, would show Flowery Wallpaper so you would not be able to navigate to the various items as there were No Roads shown. If I would Restart and Restart a few times, I could get the Roads back again and continue the game.

Timer - If you run out of Time, there is no going further, you need to Restart the entire level.

Voice Overs - I did not like hearing the Same words Repeated Over and Over and soon turned this Off.

Graphics - Apart from my Technical issues, I really liked the Cute graphics and little Characters.

Length of Game - 40 Levels which one can zoom thru in no time at all.

Challenges - not many really, you just need to plan a bit and restart the level if you miscalculated.

To Summarise, I thought it was a cutsy game, fairly simple and quick to get thru.
I turned Off the Music, Voice Over and Game Cursor in order to play this game.
The Game crashed twice during gameplay but that could be because I used the Vista PC operating system - not sure about that.

A cute game to get with your Credit but not a buy for me.

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