Developer Records for Coin Frenzy Levels

[Post New]by BrookhavenLabs on Feb 5, 15 7:08 PM
Any suggestions? I'm struggling and need to beat the Developer records for levels 15, 21, 31, 40 and the extra play level 6.


Re:Developer Records for Coin Frenzy Levels

[Post New]by earlyriser09 on Mar 8, 15 3:07 AM
Same here, except I beat the level 6 in the extras.
I did it by starting with "fast work", freeing the closest person, then getting tools, and building the alter. Then I cleared the area by the first boat house, and to the diver shack. Have the diver get all the coin buoy's, keep using the "time" bonus as soon as it becomes available, and free all the workers. If you are careful to keep using the "time" bonus the second it is available (keep a person near the alter at all times, and use other bonuses when they are available too--but always choose "time" if you can only use one) it really gives you a lot of extra time to collect coins. The little island in the middle gives you tons, so make sure you always have a person there.
If you ever beat 15, 21, 31, and/or 40 please let us know how you did it.

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Re:Developer Records for Coin Frenzy Levels

[Post New]by ittiekat on Mar 19, 15 9:00 PM
Check out my recent discussion post. I was able to beat the record on level 15.

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