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[Post New]by wakened on Feb 5, 15 11:08 PM
I input the numbers as follows didn't worked


The guide says as below and worked

9-2x3=3 (what math is this? from outer space?)

That killed my interest for the game, anyone to correct me?

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Re:Cash register

[Post New]by BearKat on Feb 6, 15 3:55 AM
Hello, wakened,

I have sent you a PM.



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[Post New]by Persistent_Cat on Feb 6, 15 5:34 AM
It's BEDMAS. Unless there are brackets, you must do the multiplication or divisional equations first, then adding and subtracting.

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Re:Cash register

[Post New]by OnBreak on Feb 6, 15 9:43 AM
Im having same problem as Wakened. I see his solution as correct. I also see mine as correct???? what i have is:

6+5-1 = 10
4/2+7 = 9
9-8x3 = 3

which doesn't work?? where am i wrong?

I read the solution and 9-2x3 is not 3
and if you intend that you have to multiply 2x3 THEN subtract it from 9 to equal 3 then what about 8/4+7=9?? adding 4+7 first THEN dividing into 8 does not equal 9. This really bothers me

I will be glad to be enlightened


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[Post New]by Persistent_Cat on Feb 6, 15 1:32 PM
When performing equations like that, you must first solve the equations in brackets, then exponents, then division, multiplication, addition, then subtraction, BEDMAS.

8/4+7=9 is solved 8/4=2+7=9

9-2*3=3 is solved 2*3=6. 9-6=3

That is proper math. For years, those skill testing questions used to win prizes have accepted BEDMAS or non-BEDMAS answers.

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Re:Cash register

[Post New]by griffgirl on Feb 11, 15 9:38 PM
Most people, like me, are not going to remember the mdas. They are going to think like the instructions say. I am not getting 9-8x3 being correct either.


Re:Cash register

[Post New]by Persistent_Cat on Feb 11, 15 11:00 PM
Regardless if they remember that or not, they still have to follow it to solve that puzzle. 9-8x3=15.

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[Post New]by NurseLeesey on Feb 24, 15 3:23 AM
The dumb thing about this is, I have found a BEDMAS solution that is also correct but the register does not open.


Its things like this that make me not want to play anymore. That and the tape debacle in the bonus section.

I pride myself in never having to check the guides or hints but when you so blatantly have the correct answer to the puzzle, this sort of thing is not good enough.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Cash register

[Post New]by MattP on Jun 7, 15 5:12 AM
I'm in the UK and was taught to work left to right unless something was in brackets, in which case you do that first. I've no idea what BEDMAS is. If people are taught differently in different countries then puzzle designers really ought to take account of that.

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