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seat in cinema

[Post New]by tweetis53 on Feb 8, 15 11:45 AM
I can not find seat that has piece of metal. looked at 4th row, clicked each seat.she just says, old damaged seats. saw on blog , someone said. 5th row 4th seat. tried that and nothing happens, she just says, damaged old seats. is there a glitch on this part of game? can anyone explain which row n seat the correct one?

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Re:seat in cinema

[Post New]by CHCGAMER on Jul 22, 15 11:16 AM
Hi tweetis53, This is a difficult part, but after a lot of frustration It's getting easier.
When you are facing the rows of seats carefully count back from first row seat to
the fifth row, which has no 1st seat but a space. count across from there to 4th seat.
It is very dark & after a few continued tries in that area{even if you see a seat open}
it is still not the right one, don't give up! It all of a sudden appears open & you can
pick up the rod you need. Hope this helps.

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