Phillip's Place (Blue Prints missing)

[Post New]by roxanne4708 on Feb 8, 15 11:58 AM
I have play the games several times and I have only been able to collect 14 of the10 pieces. This is real frustrating since I can not upgrade to level 2 on any of the building at the ASE Museum. I do not have a clue! Can someone help me?

Correction: 14 of the 16 blue prints.

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Re:Phillip's Place (Blue Prints missing)

[Post New]by wulfruna on Feb 8, 15 12:55 PM
I give you the same answer as in the other thread - you will need to play a lot of times before you get all the pieces. They do not drop all at once. I do not quite understand you when you say you have found 14 pieces out of 10 - do you mean this the other way round? (10 out of 14?) .
You will not be able to upgrade to level 2 on any of the buildings at the museum until you have both the blueprints themselves plus the first set of building materials for them. This takes a little while, so you just need to be patient and press on.....

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