Walkthrough Level 11

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Level 11
There are four Ninja’s Lizards and a Ninja Master in this level, collect the Flax to make Rope then make Nets to catch them each one will leave behind parts of a fancy dress suit, collect these.
From the start pick up the items also the items left behind, eat the barrel of fish, it is up to you if you want to eat it all or just enough to get you going, circle round to the left, when you get to the end go towards the quarry but don’t repair it, come back and go up towards the barrel of fish, eat some and come back to the right heading towards the Goldmine, repair it as soon as you can now go to the road just underneath collect items up to the Ninja. You will need some Gold before you can use the Net, you should have gathered enough Flax to make a rope in the inventory, now make a Net and click on the Ninja in front of the chest, gather the Flax in the chest, Repair the Quarry at the other end of the road and start heading down the middle road, when you get to the next junction take the right hand road to get the next barrel of fish, clear the way to the next Ninja make, make a Net and catch the Ninja now go down and clear the road to the final barrel of fish, make another Net and head up to the final Ninja, by now you should have picked up all the costume parts, in the inventory they have made a large cat. Go to the Ninja Master and click on him the cat will chase across the screen and clear the exit. If you can’t finish you will have to collect some Gold and Stone until the exit is clear.

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Re:Walkthrough Level 11

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Thanks so much for the walkthroughs! This is really a challenging game that takes lots of forethought and replays to get through. You have helped me out many times already and I'm only on level 11!

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