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Review for Toy Defense: Sci-Fi

[Post New]by Janette5 on Feb 9, 15 5:05 AM

This is a classic tower defense in that you have a road and the enemies walk along the road. You place weapons along the road so that they don't get to your base. This game as far as I've played has four main weapons, one for vehicles, one for sky, one hybrid and one flame-thrower. You can only place them on given spots on the game board. As this is toy based, there are only toy bits and pieces, I like this! The aeroplanes do not follow the road, they have their own pattern so pay attention or you'll be caught out!

What makes this game different and fun:
So many upgrades and enhancements! There are bonuses that you can buy that can do a lot of damage and last for a few seconds. You need to buy upgrades for your weapons in the store before you can upgrade them on the playing field. There are many items in store and you don't get any extra buying power for replaying a level after 3 stars so you really have to choose wisely. Some of the power-ups are really a lot of fun and tempting to use all the time! You can, however, earn achievements during the game and go to "receive" them which gives you extra buying power.

This game opened fully in wide-screen format and all the power-ups were on the side with the play field in the middle. The weapons tool bar would pull out or hide itself if you didn't need it. I really like this interface although to buy a weapon, click on the money bit not the weapon as it tended to hide the toolbar then.

Another new feature is that you can keep some of your weapons for the next level. You still have to buy and upgrade them in the next level but at discounted prices.

It took me about the demo hour to play 6 levels, so with 72 missions this is going to be a long game ... I guess I need to stop sleeping so I have time to play games!

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