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need help with shooting range

[Post New]by tweetis53 on Feb 9, 15 10:33 AM
I changed target several times..message says..ruth should give me a break
how many times is enough shots? can anyone help me here? at lab, when I click on computer screen.she says she better not touch as it make **** angry. so I must not of shot enough bullets??

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Re:need help with shooting range

[Post New]by CHCGAMER on Jul 22, 15 10:24 AM
Hi tweetis53,
When you go for target practice and you have shot enough times Nicole does
say "Ruth should give me a break". You can stop there, but you also have to go out
and then reenter with ****'s card to shoot for him. It is a deal that you make before
you go downstairs. If you do his shooting practice for him then he will let you use the main terminal in the lab. Hope this helps.

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