Ticket to Train Ride

[Post New]by roxanne4708 on Feb 10, 15 8:12 PM
In game Train Roundhouse-Como, Colorado I am trying to locate the item to open the different areas within this game. I don't know where to locate, I'm confused and frustrated. Can anyone help?

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Re:Ticket to Train Ride

[Post New]by ChestnutHeights on Feb 10, 15 8:29 PM
Thanks to Shirl the Pearl.. Here are the instructions.

Train Roundhouse - Como, CO
1) Find an Employee's ID at Apple Orchard
2) Use to open the Train
3) Find a Doormat at Toy Shop
4) Place Mat at door of Caboose
5) Find the Key at the Secret Library
6) Use the Key to open the door to building


Re:Ticket to Train Ride

[Post New]by ShirlthePearl1 on Feb 10, 15 8:41 PM
Also there will be odd-ball mini quests in between that have you giving the person giving you the quest the job of handing over some of your hard earned resources. Then the actual quests that send you out to find the items will pop up.

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