Walkthrough Level 23 and 24

[Post New]by draytongirl on Feb 12, 15 3:44 AM
Level 23
Starting from Bottom left collect resources and Repair the Bakery, go into the Inventory and make 2 Ropes then bring the Bakery up to Level 2. At this point I also got another Musketeer there is a lot of running around between Islands. 2nd Island collect all the resources Repair the Sawmill and bring it up to Level 2, again go into the inventory and make 2 ropes. 3rd Island collect the resources and repair the Iron Mine. Cross to the final Island and again collect all the resources this time go into the Inventory and make a boat, Exit the level

Level 24
Clear All resources from the middle except the two Grass, Go Bottom left and clear to the bridge. Clearing all resources go across to the bottom and Repair The Bakery, now clear the grass in front of Top Right, clear to the Bridge, go over the bridge and clearing resources Repair the Sawmill, spend a little time running backward and forwards to bring both the Bakery and Sawmill up to Level 2. Now go Top Left and clear the way to the Market. It’s a good idea to get another Musketeer now due to all the running about. Go Middle Right and repair the Treasury. Clear the other patch of grass from the middle and any resources leading to the Houses. You now have to go in the Inventory and Construct Chairs for the Houses, each house requires 2 chairs you can either wait and construct them all together or you can do it one at a time. Once the Houses are built they start producing gold, just click on the gold and someone from the treasury will collect it, you now have to collect enough Gold to exit the level.

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