Help on level 27

[Post New]by fairplayca on Feb 12, 15 1:42 PM
Just can't get it completed. Any help appreciated.

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Re:Help on level 27

[Post New]by Roebot on Feb 13, 15 4:35 AM
I`m starting to have a love - hate relationship with this game.

This one took me a couple of tries because you have to use the bonuses just so and click things just right. I finished as the top star was blinking.

Ignore both wood spawns and the bottom left food spawn.

Go North and clear to the food spawn and get it. Then build the gryphon tent. Send him to the ogre immediately while you use the time to get one potion and the food by the stone pillar top right.

Grab the crystal spawn and start towards the bottom crystal spawn. As soon as you pick up everything to the South, the food up top should respawn. Get that and wait for the east crystal to pop. Grab that and then hit respawn on your bonuses. Grab everything then remove the stone pillar.

Pick up the wood and build the farm to level 1 only. Pick up some stuff while you wait for 2 food to clear the wood pile top left.

Here`s where it gets tricky. You will use the free worker twice while working towards the last stone pillar. I tried to time it for when I had the woodpiles clear and resources were respawned. After you clear the swamp is when you want to use it the second time to clear to the pillar. Watch your resources, by now you should only need to grab crystals and you can ignore the food spawn.

Once you get the hang of the timing you can clear with 3 stars, but durned if I wasn't pulling hair out on this one.

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Re:Help on level 27

[Post New]by KittyQueen on Feb 25, 15 12:15 PM
OMG!! I was obsessed with getting 3 stars on this level. After replaying this level over 50 times, I finally did it! I followed the strategy that Roebot provided however, I used the 2xplayer bonus three times when clearing the path to the second pillar and grabbed another bottle of water when I was waiting for the food spawn.

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Re:Help on level 27

[Post New]by NetRook on Mar 25, 15 12:31 PM
Thanks Roebot. I musta played this level 30 to 50 times trying to get 3 stars.
This game is tough, and not quite so much fun in the toughness IMHO.....

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