Walkthrough level 30

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Level 30
Clear the path to the Sawmill and repair it, go back to the junction in the path and go to the Bakery to repair it. As soon as you have enough resources get another Musketeer. Clear the path to the Melon Patch, now go the opposite way round to the Treasury and repair it. Go back a little way to a House, Go into your Inventory and make 2 chairs, you can now repair the house and start collecting gold. Come back to the House near the Melon Patch, make 2 chairs and repair the House. Go to the second Sawmill and repair it. Go to the last House craft 2 chairs and repair it. The Houses have to go to Level 2 so go round collecting resources, upgrade both Sawmills to Level 2. Each House needs 4 chairs to upgrade to level 2, you will have to make the chairs in the Inventory when you have enough resources. You have got to make two Barriers in the Inventory, one goes at the top left and the other bottom right. TIP: leave the last resource at the end of each road until you have made the Barriers, you have to be quick removing the resource and placing a Barrier, thieves come rushing in stealing your gold and resources. The Exit is bottom left when you have collected enough gold, exit the Level.

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