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Escape From Paradise LOCKED DOWN?

[Post New]by nobodyz on Feb 12, 15 10:35 PM
Escape From Paradise - A Review

I'm curious: every single post I can access for this game is locked. The first few I tried were questions that were not answered and not redirected.

This is by far one of the lamest games I've seen since the original Sims came out (not that Sims have EVER learned to simply go to the bathroom without you directing them to, even though being "toilet trained" is part of growing up for them)....

... that's saying a lot. This game constantly forces you to chase all characters or survivors down to remind them to EAT, to DRINK water, to SLEEP and even to SOCIALIZE even though they sit around alone, avoiding one another with thoughts of how homesick they are.

What's more, Sims is more fun regardless of the bathroom bother: you can at least creatively build things, not just build the same things over and over exactly as the game has previously mapped out.

Oh, and sitting around the campfire ALMOST makes all that boring boring boring time manageable as your "sittees" don't lose food, water, energy or social while there around the campfire in this game.

So, since I am apparently not allowed to do a review, I'm going to be obnoxious and give it a minus 1 out of 100. I'm not being obnoxious with the score, I'm being obnoxious by GIVING it a score even though all topics are locked on this game for the 5 pages I can see.

The score is actually my honest review. If you're old enough to play this game you will tire of it, in at most 20 minutes, even though you can spend the entire hour testing time before buying thinking you're missing something. You aren't. Not really. Once you get through the Tiki that needs chopping down, the next sections is more of the boring boring boring same with more characters to chase down and remind to wipe their noses and fewer options for water and food and socialization.

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Re:Escape From Paradise LOCKED DOWN?

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Jun 23, 15 11:52 AM
Hi nobodyz,

A recent change to our Forums includes the automatic locking of threads that have been inactive for 180 days or more, so this is the explanation for why some of the threads in this Forum have been locked. This new feature was put into place to help improve stability and performance in the Forums.

If you'd like to start a new thread on a topic that's already been discussed, you can absolutely do so, as we encourage players to continue discussing games.

If you'd like to refer to an older thread in your post, you can definitely copy and paste the URL for the older thread in your post. Please keep in mind that in keeping with the Forum Rules, only links from the Big Fish website can be included in Forum posts.

Moving forward, we ask that reviews and technical issues be placed in the designated threads. I'm going to include them below:

Please post your REVIEWS for Escape From Paradise here
Please post any TECH ISSUES for Escape From Paradise here

Thanks for your understanding. Feel free to PM any of the moderators if you have any questions.


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Re:Escape From Paradise LOCKED DOWN?

[Post New]by Linzsocal on Sep 3, 15 1:50 PM
I don't like that they lock don't threads either. I wrote them and they basically told me to start new threads. I wish they would change that.
I do really like this game though - and the Sims!

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