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Tips and Tricks for The Race

[Post New]by bfgErie on Aug 5, 08 5:26 PM
Random Clicking – Although you will not lose points if you click too often on objects that aren’t on your list, you will receive a five second penalty. Just avoid any “rapid fire” clicking and you’ll be ok.

Power Ups – In the Challenge Mode, you will start with 3 power-ups you can use at any time. There is no penalty or point deduction for using these power-ups in this mode. In Relaxed Mode, you have to find hidden objects based on their silhouette to earn power-ups. Any unused power-ups are lost when you go to the next scene in either mode.

Using Hints – When you are using the Compass or the Hot N’ Cold tools, start with your cursor in the middle of the screen and move around to the four corners to get an idea of where to find your hidden object. Use the center of the Compass tool to select an object you have found.

These are just a few suggestions that will help with The Race. If you have any general tips to share, please post them here


Re:Tips and Tricks for The Race

[Post New]by brrrlee on Sep 21, 08 8:45 PM
Are you able to make another race team, so more than one team can play the game? My grandson would like to make his own team, and be able to play as well. I don't want him to mess with my team. But, we would be playing the game at different times, not together. Also, are there hints available in the relaxed mode, if you haven't found an item, and you have no more hint objects left? Do you have to start over? Thanks for your assistance.

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