Walkthrough Level 31 & 32

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Level 31.
Another game of getting to the Notice Boards before the guards. Clear the resources to the Melon Patch, Defeat the Guard and repair The Bakery. Clear the road to the junction, head for the Flax Field and start collecting Flax. Take the road opposite the repair the Sawmill, you can get to the Sawmill without the Guards seeing you. Repair the Sawmill. Get another Musketeer at this point. Defeat the 2 Guards and repair The Goldmine. Start clearing the remaining roads, the Jackboots are in the road behind The Sawmill, collect them.(They are now in your Inventory, you can choose either Sandals or Boots. Make your way to the Pond click on the sparkles when you have enough resources you get the Blue Cup of Magic Water. Wait until you have collected enough Flax to make 5 ropes. Again you have to wait until you have enough resources to defeat the Lizard and Exit.

Level 32
Head to the Bakery and repair it, next repair the Sawmill, wait for enough resources and repair the Iron Mine.Take the road to the Market upgrading the Bakery to Level 2 when you have collected enough resources. Get another Musketeer. Clear the road at the Market and see it’s in operation. Go back to the Top Road and repair The Treasury, In the Inventory make 3 x 2 chairs then repair the 3 Houses. Upgrade Bakery to Level 3 Make your way to the Horse Dealers (Left Top) as soon as you have enough resources buy the Horses. Upgrade the Iron Mine and the Bakery to Level 4. Clear the road Left Bottom and go to the carriage when you have enough resources repair it to Exit.

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