Walkthrough Level 35

[Post New]by draytongirl on Feb 13, 15 1:56 PM
Level 35
Clear the road to the Bakery and the Melon Patch, repair the Bakery pick some Melons and make your way to the Sawmill and the other Melon Patch. When you have collected a few resources Upgrade the Bakery and the Sawmill. Get another Musketeer as soon as you can. Take the road to the Quarry and repair it. Take the road to the Goldmine and repair it, now come down the road to the \iron Mine repair it, continue down this road to the Flax Field start gathering Flax. It is now a waiting game to collect enough for all the area’s to be upgraded. You need a Level 4 Quarry. Go into the Inventory and the Weaving Section to see how many rolls of cloth you need to make 3 Cloaks. Click on the Weapons Section to find out how much Iron you need to make 3 Swords, when you have enough of the materials needed make the items. Make your way to the Musketeers Barracks, when you have enough of everything repair the Barracks. Clear the way to one of the Guards Tower and wait a Guard will come out, click on it and a Musketeer will dispose of him, they will keep coming until you have enough resources to destroy the Tower, when you are ready just click on it and a Musketeer will knock it down. Do exactly the same for the other Tower and Exit the Level.

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