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Am Just Pickin' Up On The Jaw Waggin' Here...

[Post New]by cloudy999 on May 29, 09 7:58 AM
cloud here...

You folks all have me in stitches! Quite literally, I BELIEVE!! Haha! i can just about picture the sutures ripping off now because of all this gut wrenching stuff y'all are spewing forth here - what's this on correcting bad behavior; zit pinching, fetishes, and all those other things I thought just made them a wee bit more human was all. Hhaha! Narcistic?? Hahahaaa! Socialists who live in the ultimate of gaited communities.

I woud just like to know when it is possible to make those four figure amounts needed to buy all the fancy pantsy stuff??

It has taking me forever to build up five families and fill up all the player fields allotted for new players in the game( no new players... Ha, just me!). Than just when I think I had the right combination of couples, money, jobs, kids, no kids, my cockatoo relieves herself on my back denoting I had been at this at this game for too dang long and would you please bring her back to her cage so she can contribute to the splotches already on the funny paper.

Here I was wondering though because this has been bothering me since I began playing the game, "Virtual Families." Why on the good planet are the old people dieing off at a very young age?? Nooooo! I've not been feeding them, "...arsenic and old frilly stuff." But, at 53 they will walk like they are 90 yrs to old - Wait! I'll take what i just said, back! I know some 90 year young people who DO walk twice as fast as that.

Am thinking. Maybe the wife dies at a young age after all. Because... hmmm, she never gets to get out and shop! I know that would do it for me!!

Okay, enuff said! Any great ideas, concepts or "i found this out before you-hoo," just yell at me. Okay?


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Re:Am Just Pickin' Up On The Jaw Waggin' Here...

[Post New]by kore21 on May 29, 09 7:14 PM
agree completely, 53 year olds walk like 90 year olds. completely ridiculous.

& obviously this game is pavlov run amuk with potentially fascist behavior modification... i actually encourage children to jump on the bed since it is doubtless healthy to do so (exercise, ya know).

now workaholics are usually prized because the more they make, the more taxes they pay... sadly they also die young, which is why treadmills were invented to keep the taxpayers alive as long as possible. we know the treadmill is really "work" & a REAL treadmill will actually generate electricity, kinda like a water wheel or bike-powered generator. there is no reason our little peeps should not be filthy rich from generating power for the common enegy grid, thusly staying healthy at the same time. sadly i see no green energy jobs in the game's list of professions thus far, altho the stock market is clearly represented with the day trader.

for that matter most of the best paying jobs are in the food industry, especially the entreupeneurs who get filthy rich off mere trifles like barbeque sauce & pesto sauce. also talent agents & online store owners. also video game designers seem to do better than bill gates. hmm.

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Re:Am Just Pickin' Up On The Jaw Waggin' Here...

[Post New]by Blue_River on Jun 1, 09 6:46 AM
Cloudy and Kore see my posts.
66 and still kickin' heres what I did may help you, 66 and still kickin' cont'd and a question bout something, and 66 and still kickin. Here are a few more things I did. that would be post #3 on the situation. There are some things that I have listed in those that you may want to try. My Peep Bradley made it to 73. Hope it will help you.

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