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Level 41-Timed

[Post New]by Disney on Feb 14, 15 11:52 AM
[b]Hi, Stuck on this level, can anyone post how they completed the level?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Re:Level 41-Timed

[Post New]by marebito on Feb 14, 15 7:25 PM
Here's one method I found that works well for me. Perhaps it'll work for you as well. (There are many different ways to go about this level.)

Freeze Time

(Amulet - If you want the added food boost at the beginning. Switch to the necklace after using once)
(Bracelet - equip this after using the ring)
(Brooch - Equip after getting this from the Earl)
(Shoulder Bag - only if you're comfortable switching. While it makes the level easier to complete, it's not necessary)

- Ignore the routes to the cotton reapers and musketeers barracks until after using the ring. Clear them while gathering materials for the musketeers.

- Clear the way to the pumpkin patch
- Start working towards the quarry
- Upgrade camp
- Continue working towards the quarry (until first gold deposit) and clear the way to the bakery.
- Repair the bakery
--- Upgrade to L2
- Continue clearing the way to the quarry (and the gold on the side path) and start working towards the sawmill/iron mine
- Repair the quarry
- Clear area around quarry, clear the way to the sawmill and iron mine
- Repair Sawmill
--- Upgrade to L2
- Start working towards the gold mine
- Repair Iron Mine
--- Upgrade to L2
- Upgrade camp to L3
- Repair the Gold Mine
-- Upgrade to L2
- Use the ring
- Clear route to cotton reapers and musketeers' barracks.
- Repair barracks
- Free the Earl*
- Destroy towers one at a time
- Build cannon, buy cannonball, and break through the gates

(* A silly alternate way to finish the level would be to ignore the towers, use the musketeers to fight the guards, and concentrate solely on getting through the gates. It takes about the same amount of time overall (and sometimes more) as destroying the towers though. )

Hope that makes sense! (Holler if it doesn't.) Good luck and have fun!

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