Walkthrough Level 39

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Level 39
Come down the road from your tent and repair The Bakery 1st (if you don’t you will have to re-start) repair the Sawmill. Locate the Iron Mine and Quarry then the Goldmine, I cleared the way to the Iron Mine and Quarry first, they cannot be repaired for a minute so come down for the Goldmine. Increase
Both The Bakery and Sawmill to Level 2 and get another Musketeer. Repair the Goldmine then repair the Quarry and Iron Mine. Increase these 3 to level 2 a.s.a.p. Clear the way to the Barracks and find out what is required. You have to make 3 Cloaks and 3 Swords in the Inventory, when you have enough repair the Barracks. You can now find out what the Guards Tower wants. When you have
Enough resources upgrade all the Resource venous, In the Inventory Make 2 Cannons and get some Cannon Balls from the Trader – 4 should be enough. Clear the last resource at The Guards Tower and repair it, go to the second one, if you have enough resources repair it. Go to the Cannons and Fire them do it twice and the Drawbridge will open for you to Exit the level.

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