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Level 38

[Post New]by MammawJo on Feb 15, 15 10:18 PM
Can anyone help with 3 stars on Level 38 please? I'm playing normal mode coz expert almost sent me to the looney bin.

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Re:Level 38

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Aug 5, 15 7:25 PM
Hi MammawJo, I hope that you managed the 3 stars on this level. I came here to get help on this level also, but finally managed 3 stars on normal mode, with plenty of time before that dreaded blinking star;-). In case there are other fishes looking for a 3 star method, this worked well for me:

Make way to farm and build.
Collect food on stump to left.
Chop crystal on lower right.
Chop wood pile on middle right path.
Use regen power up, and collect food.
Upgrade camp.
Send one worker to clear the wood pile on middle right path, while other is clearing crystal on lower right path. (Toward crank)
Send one worker to clear wood pile on middle path, while other clears crystal on upper left path. (toward left wood stump)
Send one worker to collect food in middle of right path and the other to collect one stock of wood from the woodpile.
Send workers to collect water from path towards ogre and path towards wolf.
Upgrade farm. (Level 2)
Collect food on far left path. (toward left wood stump)
Keep clearing toward water on upper right, while other worker collects 1 stock of wood from woodpile.
Build gryphon house.
Clear wolf in front of mine.
Keep collecting available stump resources.
Clear to water stump in upper right, while clearing to wood stump on upper left.
Build mine.
Use freeze.
Upgrade mine.
Collect 1 stock from woodshed.
Clear upper right small stone.
Collect upper right crank.
Clear big stone.
Collect water, food and wood from left stump.
Use regen upgrade.
Collect from all stumps.
Install crank in left mechanism.
Upgrade farm (level 3)
Clear lower left, small stone.
Defeat ogre.
Collect lower left crank.
Use regen power up and collect 2 food from stump.
Install crank in right mechanism.
Collect staff.

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