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Level 33

[Post New]by MammawJo on Feb 15, 15 10:36 PM
Need help with 3 stars on level 33 please.

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Re:Level 33

[Post New]by Lolla_R on Mar 7, 15 8:48 PM
So do I! I have 3 stars on most levels (except 24....), but I can only get to two stars on 33 - not even close to 3. Any advice will be appreciated.

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Re:Level 33

[Post New]by marebito on Mar 8, 15 12:49 PM
I'm pretty sure this isn't the 'correct' method to go about this level, but it's the only one I've found so far that gives 3-stars on Normal mode. It's not even close on Pro and it's very tight. Hopefully, someone has another method that works to give 3-stars in N as well.

Regenerate stumps
Additional worker
Regenerate stumps

- Gather food as soon as it becomes available and regenerate the stumps as soon as possible after gathering/after it becomes available
- Ignore water and crystal deposits

- Gather mats for bridge
- Build bridge
- Concentrate on clearing food stumps only
- Get food from stump by camp then regen stumps and gather food again
- Concentrate on clearing way to wood warehouse while second worker works on wood resource route
- Upgrade camp as soon as possible
- Empty warehouse and clear wood route to second log, clear crystal before geyser, then clear rest of wood
- Cap geysers once the top left one becomes available (girl might make it back to camp before setting final capping task)

Good luck!

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Re:Level 33

[Post New]by Deewani on Mar 9, 15 3:38 AM
Thanks, Marebito, your method works! It still takes several tries to get the timing down right, but you can definitely get three stars this way. One tip you didn't mention is that the player should not have the custom cursor on--in fact it should NEVER be on in this entire game.

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Re:Level 33

[Post New]by bruner01 on Mar 29, 15 1:52 PM
I still keep missing this by 2 food to be able to get 3 stars on normal. No clue what I'm doing wrong as I've tried this close to 25 times

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