Walkthrough Level 41

[Post New]by draytongirl on Feb 16, 15 8:06 AM
Level 41
Clear the way to the Melon Patch and start collecting, defeat the Guard leading to The Bakery then repair it. Get another Musketeer, there is a lot of running around.Clear the road all the way down to the Guard blocking the way to the Goldmine, defeat the Guard and repair the Goldmine. Come back along the road to the crossroad leading to the Sawmill, defeat the Guard blocking the way, repair the Sawmill then take the road alongside and repair the Iron Mine. Go all the way back to the top then take the way to the Quarry and repair it, now activate the two Flax growers, by now all resources should be working, use the ring to bring them all to Level 2 and get another Musketeer. Make you way to the Barracks, you will have to Craft 3 Cloaks and 3 Swords to go with the other resources, as soon as you have enough resources Repair the Barracks. The next thing is to Repair the two Towers, collect enough resources first then repair the Tower on the Right then the other Tower again having enough resources before you repair it. In the Inventory make 4 Halberd and defeat the Guards round the Earl, free the Earl and head for the fellow with the Cannon Balls. In the Inventory make a Cannon then buy a Cannon Ball, fire the Cannon to exit the level.

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