Walkthrough Level 42

[Post New]by draytongirl on Feb 16, 15 9:15 AM
Level 42
From your Tent head to the Bakery at the bottom, Repair it, now go to the one above and Repair it, from there keep going forward to the crossroad on the Right, go down the road to the Sawmill and repair it, when you have collected enough resources upgrade the 2 Bakeries and the Sawmill to Level 2 now use the ring to upgrade to Level 3 and get another Musketeer. Now clear all the other Resources, go into the Inventory and craft 3 Cloaks and 3 Swords, you can now repair the Musketeer Barracks. Craft 4 Halberd’s you will need to purchase a lot of Gold from the Trader (Top Right) when you have enough defeat the 4 Guards the door will open to Exit the Level.

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