Walkthrough Level 44

[Post New]by draytongirl on Feb 17, 15 5:31 AM
Level 44
Make sure your Musketeer is wearing the Coat instead of the Belt. At the first junction take the path that runs back alongside the start you can now get to the Barrel of Fish, next head up to the Bookcase to read the Book and to collect Gold from the Chest. You must make full use of the Parachute drop. Head to the other Chest of Gold then up to the next Barrel of Fish, Again make your way to the next Barrel of Fish, repair the Elevator then go up the stairs and get the Rapier, go to the Elevator to Exit the Level. This Level can be done it’s a question of making sure you head for Barrel’s of Fish, Use the Parachute and Wear the correct Clothing.

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