Walkthrough Level 45

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Level 45
Make for the Barrel of Fish and fill up, now go to the opposite of the room and get the Gold, smash through the doors go to the Left and head for the Barrel of Fish, again head for a Barrel of Fish, there are 2 Ninja Lizard’s here, 1 Guarding a Key the other the Chest of Gold, before you can tackle them you have to come right to the Chest of Flax, collect the Flax and go into the Inventory and craft two Ropes, eat all the Fish up tackle the Lizards then going to the Top continue to the next Barrel of Fish.
Now make you way to the Cage there is another Lizard to deal with, use the Key to open the door and set the Musketeers free, now make your way right to the top and deal with yet another Lizard. Now come back and make your way to the Stone Knights. Go into the Inventory and Craft two Halberd the Musketeer’s will tackle them, that leaves only the Jester to deal with, click on the Jester to Exit the game.

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