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[Post New]by Nathalie9011196 on Feb 17, 15 12:09 PM
Hi! I was just wondering what the playing order is for this series?

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Re:Playing Order

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Feb 17, 15 12:15 PM
Hi Nathalie9011196,

I was splashing along and came across this thread. It sounds like you would like to know the playing order for the Dark Dimensions series. I definitely understand wanting to play the series in order. I do the same thing!

Below is the order of the series based on release date from older to newer:

Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty
Dark Dimensions: City of Ash
Dark Dimensions: Somber Song
Dark Dimensions: Homecoming

I hope this helps!



Re:Playing Order

[Post New]by BC_Anselmo on Apr 3, 15 10:18 PM
Thank You bfgBellerophon. I posted in Puppet Show as well, so if you come across that would you mind posting there the answer to the order. Thanks again.

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