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Wild Cards

[Post New]by TwoTonFury on Feb 17, 15 2:35 PM
Can anyone explain how to use the wild cards?? I click on it and it moves to the stack, but no matter what I click after that, nothing happens, so I have to draw another card.

I'm almost finished to the fog and haven't used a wild card yet cuz I don't know what to do with it.


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Re:Wild Cards

[Post New]by cat52 on Feb 22, 15 5:52 PM
One kind of wild card has a value, like 7, and when you play it to your stack, you should be able to click on either an 8 or a 6 and they should play. The other kind is a joker and you ought to be able to play any card on it. If this is not how it is working for you then it is a technical problem. hth

PS one card I found confusing was the Jack wild card, which I kept thinking was a joker and wondered why nothing worked on it except a ten or a queen

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